She wants her dad to come down from the sky

She wants her dad to come down from the sky I'm Elsa's mom, 3 years old. His father passed away in September 2004. I told him that his dad was sick and that he had gone to heaven. She was present at the church. She has pictures. She's a lovely little girl, wise, with just the right little character, full of life, who loves to play, sing, dance .

Back to School: How to Motivate Our Children

Renew with the taste of the effort and the desire to learn. Not to satisfy a very narcissistic appetite for parental performance nor to sharpen the child's competitive spirit, but so that it can flourish by developing his talents and skills. To achieve this project, teachers, parents and children must walk hand in hand, each in his place, without confusion of roles.

Perrine Ruby: Neurosciences and psychoanalysis are complementary to decode dreams

Brain imaging may reveal the content of our dreams. In the meantime, one thing is certain: psychoanalysis will always be necessary to understand them. Explanations of Perrine Ruby, researcher in neuroscience. Interview by Lucien Fauvernier Why are neuroscience interested in dreams? Perrine Ruby: It did not really make sense, because the subject carries something far-fetched, artistic, a bit out of the scientific territory.

Method: Transactional Analysis

In transactional analysis, the patient learns to identify three important facets of his personality that build him: the Child, the Parent, and the Adult. Facets we use to communicate with our interlocutor. The American psychiatrist Eric Berne, who established the principle of the inner child, developed this verbal-type psychotherapy in the 1950s.

Better Pain Relief with ACT

To have pain, to be afraid of pain, to struggle to have no pain, to feel bad to have pain ... The pain exhausts. Physically and mentally. And eventually cut us off from our desires, even our lives. For the supporters of ACT therapy, the real problem is not so much the pain itself as the suffering that accompanies it and on which it is possible to act, without drugs.

SOS spring: the solutions of phytotherapy

To fight against the seasonal allergies or for a detox softness, here are three solutions with herbal which will help you well to cross the spring. Sophie Bartczak Plantain and Wild Thought To limit the inconvenience caused by seasonal allergies, opt for a plantain cure and wild thought, prevention as well as cure.